Fuel made from what…

So I was a complete crazy person today and got super mad at my husband for not waking up quick enough to get me to knitting before the whole group was there. Mostly because my anxiety disorder gets tricked when I see people come in one at a time so it doesn’t bother me as much as when I walk into a room full of people. But anyway I happened to be unnecessary and mean so I used my tiny bit of money I have earned so far to take him out for lunch.

While we were driving around like idiots trying to decide where to eat we saw people on the side of the road. Now I live in a small town. Like a everyone knows everyone small town. And we have fake homeless. I don’t know if this is a huge issue in other places because I don’t travel. But here our homeless people are just lazy people who stand around with signs and get grungy when they know an event that brings tourists is going on. Today it was the trail of tears.

So my husband looks over at me when we drive by these fake homeless people and asks…

“Do we know how to convert the homeless to fuel yet?Because we should. Then we would have less homeless and they could contribute to society. Everyone wins.”

He is just as crazy as me but in such a different way. I think we need each other to balance out. Or at least he needs me to tell him you can’t just say you want to turn people to fuel. Not even fake homeless people who prey on others kindness.


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