knitting directly conflicts with progress…

So I really wish I could make a job of knitting. I know a ton of people do. But I can’t look at people just trying to learn a new thing and charge them money. I teach for free at our community library.

And I can’t ever sell the stuff I make. And by that I mean either won’t, or that the stuff I make is made out of expensive yarn so it would be like 90 dollars for a shawl. And that is if I charge less than minimum wage for labor. So I just make pretty things, and I love it. But now I have a ton of stuff just shoved in my closet that is beautiful and doesn’t get worn enough.

And I know I could just knit like 1000 scarves, but that is so boring. So in short my knitting is just for me. It is also not getting done because I had to get a job to help out a little…and also for my sanity.

Now I am going to go try to knit one of my 10 unfinished things while my 10 month old pulls on my yarn. I think she is going to grow up to be a marvelous knitter, or not,  no pressure.


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